In the porous borderlands between Lebanon and Syria agendas and alliances are both confusing and contradictory. This film was shot in the winter of 2011-2012 as the Syrian uprising morphed in to civil war. (18min doc 2012)

Meet Nabhan, shot through the penis but ready to finish the Jihad against the tyrant Assad and four year old Omran, ‘The Littlest Spy’, shot in the leg escaping Homs. In the north young Sunni men shoulder anti-tank mines and hop three-up onto Chinese motorcyles and head into the Syrian hills. In the south of Lebanon Shia civil war veterans tell us they are training their children to fight for Bashar in the wider battle to come.

Borderland is a journey into the often contradictory and confusing Levantine world where one man’s liberator is another man’s despot and no battle can be viewed separate from history or the agendas of all the world’s players. Shot in December 2011-January 2012 in the Lebanese Syrian borders, the hills outside of Homs and the streets of Beirut.

Fixer: Rami Aisha

Extra Reporting: Radwan Mortada, Isa Salabi

Sound Mix: Jim Carey

Translation: Omar Abdullah