Breaking Borders: Seeking Refuge in Europe

In September 2015 I shot a series of dispatches on the European refugee crisis for Vice News. They are presented by Vice reporter Aws Al-Jezairy who’s ability to speak Arabic and general warm and open nature allowed us to connect well with the people we met. The dispatches are from Serbia, Hungary and the closing border between. We would shoot for a day or two then make selects which we’d send to London where the edits were made. It’s not documentary, the short dispatches – cut by Vice editors – are thrown together at short notice with the emphasis being ‘here we are, this is what we’ve found’. There is another one, or possibly two, films in the footage we shot…but the stories are ongoing so will hopefully come out in due course.

Breaking Borders: Marching Through Police Lines

Breaking Borders: Police Resistance at the Gateway to Europe

Breaking Borders: Cutting Through Hungary’s Fence

Breaking Borders: Stopover in Serbia