Crowd Bites Wolf

Septem­ber 26, 2000, the World Bank and In­ter­na­tion­al Mon­e­tary Fund scut­tle off to Prague for their an­nu­al carve up, but an in­ter­na­tion­al army of in­sur­rec­tion is wait­ing. Caught in the mid­dle one man finds his an­tic­i­pat­ed fort­night on the piss shelved by a chance en­counter.

The third and final film from the Guerillavision collective, this time from the mass mobilisation against the World Bank and IMF in Prague, Czech September 2000. We tore up the activist film rulebook for this one – scripting drama on the fly and dragging all sorts of elements from the European underworld into the mix. Like the other Guerillavision movies this film was broadcast by FSTV in the US and Ska TV in Australia and selected for a host of international festivals. It was also screened by the BFI at The National Film Theatre as part of its activism in film series and roundly attacked by George Monbiot in the Guardian for “fetishising vioence” during his Mayday tirade against UK environmental direct activists Reclaim The Streets.

Proof, also, that behind the designer sunglasses Michael Caine is an anarchist.