The Art of Peace

A tale of art vs violence in Medellin Colombia.

The Wheel

A young reporter making connections on the refugee trail 2015


Agendas are confusing and alliances contradictory In the porous borderlands of Lebanon and Syria. 18min doc.

Greenpeace – The Little Explorer

As the sea ice melts the trawlers move in. Viral ad for Greenpeace International 2016 #savethearctic


Si Mitchell is a journalist and filmmaker from the social justice frontline. His work has been published in all forms of the itinerant and      less-itinerant press.

His films have been screened, stolen, imitated and cited in court cases and bar fights from Aberavon to Al Mukalla.



Watch five and a half millimeters of NATO Standard Issue part hair, skin and skull. See soft cerebellum liquefy and hollow point steel fragment. Witness shards of metal and bone as they spin through cortex and colliculus and wonder at the bullet’s rotational shock...

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